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Weekly Reflection


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Please read this passage in your Bible or follow it as a link: Philippians 2:1-13

In the Genesis creation story God makes humanity in the image of God. We are made in Godís image. God who created the heaven and the earth made us in Godís image. God who promised Abraham and Sarah that they would be the parents of a great nation that would bless the whole family on earth made us in Godís image. God who heard the cries of the chosen people enslaved in Egypt and set them free made us in Godís image. God who sent prophets and liberators to the Israelites again and again to proclaim the love and ways of God made us in Godís image. God who is Lord of All made us in Godís image.

God is loving. God is forgiving. God is merciful. God is creative. God is communal. God is faithful. God is discerning. God is just. God is self-sacrificing. We can show and have shown these same qualities. God is perfect. We are not perfect. There is much about God that we are not, but to be created in Godís image means that all that is good about God can shine through us.

Godís greatest act of love and self-sacrifice was taking on the human condition in order to be God with us. God was willing to live with us even if it meant death. God was willing to face death in order to make us more fully human. God was willing to die in order to make us more of what God intended us to be that is created in Godís image. If God loves us so completely that God is even willing to die for us, then we need not be afraid. We can love and be self-sacrificing.

The astronauts who died when the space shuttle, Columbia, broke apart over Texas bore the image of God even as we all do. They were willing to sacrifice themselves so that we might become more fully human by understanding the world and space around us. Since the beginning of humanity, we have been driven to know what lies beyond our current understanding. With every precaution being taken, we have been willing to sacrifice ourselves just to know more about who we are and the part of the universe we inhabit. Taking risks and facing danger in order to know more can be hubris, but when the sacrifice is made in order that we might become more fully human and better stewards of creation, it is divine.

We are all called upon to make sacrifices of the self in order for us all to be humanóto be more reflective of Godís image. That sacrifice can be in caring for and loving children so that they become healthy adults. That sacrifice might be giving up several years of your life in order to get a college degree so that you are even better prepared to serve. That sacrifice might be sharing your resources with others who are working for the good of humanity. That sacrifice might be looking outside of yourself to see the hurting people around you. That sacrifice might be risking your life so that we gain knowledge. God calls us to follow in the way of sacrificial love, and in that following we see the image of God.

Pray that God gives you the courage to show sacrificial love when you are called upon to do so.

Christís Peace,
Pastor Scott

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