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Weekly Reflection


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Please read Acts Chapter 16 Verses 1-15 in your Bibles.

That girl could really scream. She screamed all the time too. She was fourteen and liked the attention. Sharon was a member of the youth group at my church. I was sixteen at the time. That summer my youth group took a trip to West Virginia to lead Vacation Bible School and revival services in the evening. (I was raised Southern Baptist and thatís the kind of stuff we did.) Early in the trip all 30 youth on the trip invaded the community pool for an afternoon. There was horseplay with dunking and splashing. Sharon was screaming her head off. I noticed one of the local boys about my age looking disturbed every time Sharon let loose.

ďShe likes to scream,Ē I said. ďShe sure does.Ē He was wide-eyed.

After that impressive interchange, we introduced ourselves and I told him why we were in town and where were from. I invited him to church that evening. His name was Teddy and he fit right in with our group and with the local members of the congregation. Teddy came to church that whole week and just as Lydiaís heart was opened to Godís Word so was his.

Lydia became the first convert to Christianity in Europe. She grew to be a leader in the Church, and her home served as a church for the faithful in Philippi. God called her and her heart was opened through the Holy Spirit to receive that call down near the river on that Sabbath so long ago. Teddy heard the call of God near the water through the delighted screams of teenage girl and my simple invitation. He saw a community in which he wanted to participate. He heard about Godís love for him. It was simple but God was at work in ways that we could not see.

I think about Teddy often. I lost touch with him years and years ago. I wonder if he is still involved in the church and does he invite others? Itís a simple to invite someone to come and see. We donít call them to the Good News. God will do that.

Hear Godís call in your life to become active in a community of faith and ask someone to come along.

Christís Peace,
Pastor Scott

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