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Weekly Reflection


Hello Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Please read John Chapter 2 in your Bibles.

On Saturday I did a puppet show in Penn Hills, a suburb of Pittsburgh. The directions I got from seemed straightforward, but they have steered me wrong before. As I drove there, I saw the sign for my left turn and went onto Duff Rd. Being slightly OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) I wanted to make sure that I had made the proper turn; so I looked for another sign that assured me I was on Duff Rd. As I passed by street after street, there were signs for side streets but no signs for the street I was on. I just kept going fearing the worst. I really hate it when there is no sign for the street Iím on. I feel lost.

In the passage you read, Jesus friends, family, and disciples see a miraculous sign. Jesus turns water into wine. Everyone who knows about this is amazed and because of this first sign many believe in him. There are, however, others who want a reassurance. They want to see more signs before they will be convinced that Jesus has any authority to drive people out of the Temple or step on anymore toes. They still feel lost.

There once was a high school girl who felt lost in the midst of her clinical depression. She spent some time on the mental health ward of her local hospital. While she was there she didnít feel as if the staff was helping at all, but there was a fellow patient who gave her the support and empathy she needed to work through her depression just enough to be sent back home. Not too long after her release from the hospital, she received word that her friend had committed suicide. She slipped back down into despondency and felt lost.

She stayed in bed for days crying and feeling hopeless. She felt abandoned by God. She needed a sign that God was still with her even as God was with her through that fellow patient in the hospital. It was late one night and she had broken down again sobbing. She begged God for a sign of Godís presence. As she lay in her bed she noticed her mood ring that had always been black no matter what her mood. She had owned many mood rings in the past and none them ever worked. But on this night as she prayed for a sign, the ring turned a royal blue. It was enough for her. She was convinced that God was indeed present. Clinging to this faith, her hope was slowly restored and she came out of her depression.

Was that change in color really a sign of Godís presence? It was for her. That royal blue came to represent that God was with her. It came to represent Emmanuel. This blue is the color of hope during the Advent season. We need not feel lost beacuse the signs of Godís presence are all around you -- in the blue of paraments in church, in the blue of a babyís eyes, in the blue of street signs, in the blue of clothes, in the blue of wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows, and in the blue of the sky. As the sun sets or rises portions of the sky turn that royal blue of Advent. Let that blue be a sign to you that Christ is with you now and coming soon during this Advent season. Even so come Lord Jesus!

As the sun rises, see that royal blue and pray, "God show me your presence this day." As the sun sets, see that royal blue pray, "God let me rest this night in the hope and assurance of your coming the next day and at the end of time."

Christís Peace,
Pastor Scott

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