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Weekly Reflection


Hello Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Please read I Thessalonians 3 in your Bible.

As I look down onto Forbes Avenue, it is a normal school day outside of my window. In front of the Carnegie Museums the yellow school buses have all lined up already having discharged the elated school children who have that rare privilege, field trip. Inside the museum the students will gaze upon lovely art and learn of history--ancient, modern and contemporary. Cars and trucks form a single line and patiently file by the buses outside. Cars with passengers on errands, going to work or class, perhaps to a doctor's appointment, or maybe out to do some holiday shopping. Pedestrians walk slowly past bundled up against the wind, the snow, and the cold. All is normal and ordinary. Life marches on. Don't they know?

Can't they sense it? Does the hurried walk of the man in the blue coat means he knows? Does the student pumping the pedals of his bike propelling himself into the oncoming traffic show that he can sense the urgency? Does the sudden turn of the head of that woman on the sidewalk mean that she feels the anxiety? Does the urging, blaring horn of the sedan mean that the driver has perceived the advent, the coming? No, perhaps not. The masses live as if tomorrow and the next day will most surely come.

The Advent of Christ, the Coming of Christ, is not on the mind of those people outside my window. Rarely, does it pervade the modern mind of believers and unbelievers alike. This, however, was not always the case. The believers in Thessalonica longed for Christ to return. They lived with a sense of urgency, expectancy, and anticipation. Daily, they studied the scriptures. Daily, they served and gave to others. Daily, they prayed and worshiped. Daily, they prepared themselves for the Advent. In that preparation their faith was strengthened, God's grace and inspiration abounded, and their lives were full.

Pray that the Christ of Advent will give you such a desire to so prepare your hearts, minds and bodies all the while knowing full well that it is this same Christ who works this preparation in you. Pray that you would live with joyful urgency, expectancy, and anticipation.

Christís Peace,
Pastor Scott

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