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Weekly Reflection


Hello Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Please read Luke chapter 15 in your Bible.

Back in June I attended the Lutheran Campus Ministry Staff Conference. Along with the registration materials, I received detailed instructions about finding transportation from the airport to the conference site. The folks at Lutheran Campus Ministry were going to provide a bus and to catch the bus I must go to Door "G" at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

I made my reservations and the day for the trip came. After arriving in Chicago and getting my luggage, I began to search for Door "G." I quickly found doors "A-F," but Door "G" was nowhere in sight. I went through all the tunnels. I followed all the blue and red arrows. I went across the street to the hotel. I started all over again at Door "A" and worked my way back through the alphabet up to "F." There was no Door "G." Finally, while fighting all my male instincts against asking for directions, I asked a security guard where I might be able to find Door "G." "Door 'G?' Door 'G,'" he said thoughtfully, "There is no Door 'G!'" Disheartened, I returned to baggage claim.

As I stood there, debating about what to do next, I heard a voice say, "Are you looking for us?" Not ten feet away from where I had stopped, other campus pastors had gathered. "Is this Door 'G?'" I asked hopefully. Someone replied, "It might as well be." All that time I had been searching for my community of colleagues, but they found me. They had realized that there was no Door "G," and they were desperately trying to bring the community together. The community found me.

In the passage from Luke you read about a woman who searched for a lost coin, a shepherd who left the 99 sheep and went looking for the one, and the father who kept looking for his wayward son's return. Our God is not a passive God sitting idly by hoping that we find God. By no means! God searches and seeks to bring us all together in community with one another.

The good news is that God uses you to bring people into community. So many people are hurting, confused, and lonely. (We all are at one time or another.) Seek out those people and bring them into your community. Bring them into your community that eats together, plays together, shares life's troubles together, or prays together. People who are hurting in anyway are looking for someone to be with them in community. Pray that God will instill in you that same kind of love shown by the shepherd, the woman, and the father as you seek out and include your lost, hurting neighbors.

Christís Peace,
Pastor Scott

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