Lutheran University Center
Worship is central to our identity as Christians. It is a time when we gather to raise our voices in praise and in confession. Worship is also a time when we know Jesus is in our midst in a special way, forgiving our sins, and giving his very life to us in the meal of holy communion.

We worship on Sunday in the historic Heinz Chapel at 12:30pm. We will hear readings of scripture. We will sing in response to the word. We will gather around Christ's table to share in the meal he gives us.
Our worship is not limited to Sunday. We will also pray compline, a prayer service sung at the end of the day, stemming from the ancient practice of monasteries. Every Sunday night at 8:00pm we will gather in Heinz Chapel for compline.

We also find time during the year, particularly in the seasons of Advent and Lent to sing and pray evening prayer during the week.

We also host a contemplative prayer service on Chatham university's campus on Wednesday afternoons at 4:00pm in Woodland 103.

We also encourage regular praying during the day, particularly through the use of other prayer offices, like Morning Prayer, Sext and Vespers.

Other services will be offered that fit the circumstances or the seasons of the year.